Two Heads Are Better Than One

During the times where the work load around the office can become more than one secretary to handle, I hire a secretary from the corporate secretarial services in Singapore. Some may think it’s weird to have more than one secretary working for them, but I find that things get done twice as fast around the office, and everyone works more efficiently as a result. In the holidays, and other times when we have to deal with a lot of customers, we need as many hands as we can get working for us. I’ve even gone as far as hiring temp workers in other departments.

The customer service department often faces a high load of people who have questions about the items we sell. Even though our website has a FAQ section that answers many of the questions that people want to know, somehow people still get confused about certain things and want to have a verbal confirmation from an actual person, rather than a line of text. My own parents are the same way and will go our of their way to make sure that they speak directly to someone. This is where the temp workers come in handy, because they can easily be trained to answer questions.

Shipping for items that the company sells has been going a bit slower lately due to worldwide events, so many people have been calling about that. The secretaries have been useful in getting the word out to customers about shipping delays and the customer service workers have gracefully answered customer questions. Hopefully shipping services can get back up to speed and deliveries will be sent out at their regular pace. For now, everyone is doing their part just as planned and even going the extra mile to make sure everyone is satisfied.