There Are All Kinds of Reasons to Move, and This One Was Our Reason

We needed to get away. Not a vacation, although that would be nice too. What I am talking about is getting away from the area we lived in. We had some family that were, let’s just say, a little too reliant on us. No, we were not running away from parents who needed help. We were getting away from some people on both sides that need to learn how to go out and work for a living like we do. We looked for an apartment in Jackson MS that is almost two hours away from where we live now. We picked Jackson because I can transfer there, and my wife applied and was offered a new job there.

It might sound like a lame reason for moving, but it was a necessity. We could not seem to ever say “No” to family simply because they are, well, family. It was going to send us broke with no positive benefit of them learning and improving. To keep peace, we just decided to move. A new place and a new work environment has been playing around in the back of my mind anyway. A fresh start to not fall into our own bad habits again of being too agreeable. My wife was offered a management position, and we could not turn down the income increase. We were impressed with the Woodlands Apartments, and it fits with our budget we have for rent.

We also were able to rent a larger apartment than where we were living. No, the rooms are not going to be guest rooms for relatives. We’ll just tell them how the lease is specific about how long guests can stay. We are moving from a small house we owned into a nice apartment in Jackson, Mississippi. Now we can actually tell them they cannot stay. If you have ever had a family member like the ones I am describing, you know how it is. Imagine having five of them. We were able to breathe a sigh of relief from our first day in our new apartment as we just floated around in the swimming pool our first evening there.