The Yard is a Real Mess This Morning

Of course the NWS was really telling everyone that there was going to be high winds and we got them. It was pretty scary at the house for a couple of hours. Something fell on the roof and the dogs went absolutely crazy because of it. That was a decent sized limb. In the morning I started looking for a Queens tree service to help me clean up the mess that was left behind. Normally I would have went and borrowed a chainsaw from Mary’s brother and told him to send one of his friends to collect the firewood. However this was a different story. If a tree is upon the ground it does not really pose much of a threat to me and I do not think twice about starting up a chainsaw and cutting it up. Obviously if it is standing upright and not threatening to fall on me, then I am going to leave it alone for the most part. However this tree was doing neither of those things.

It came about half of the way down and then it caught on a huge oak tree. Of course we love that oak. It is older than me and it is beautiful, so we need to save it. That will require someone who knows how to get another tree out of it without much harm. In fact I climbed up there to see if I could do it, but there was not any solution that I could see. There is not one that I thought wise to try, mostly out of fear of some great calamity. I can tell that there are all sorts of bad things that could happen to a person who did not know exactly what they are doing and this a proper description of me.