The Job is Nearly Done

We have been over here in Singapore for nearly a year. I came over when they started to work on the site survey, the project is called the New Futura condo in Singapore and it is really just another high rise condo project for me. We have been working about 18 hours per day lately. In fact we sort of borrowed one of the unfinished units and four of us have been camping out in it. The shower works and we got a TV in it. The idea is for us to press on seven days a week because we really want to go home on schedule. We plan on leaving three days before Christmas, but that is sort of a dicey proposition at this point. We have to get finished first and we are not going to make it home if we do not. Of course I want to get back before my girlfriend finds a new guy. She certainly is not going to have to look very hard if she wants to kick me to the curb.

The rest of the crew is getting restless, some of them really do not like it that much here. This is not much like home and half of the guys we brought are really hardcore surfers who are pretty hard to get in the job site if there is good surf back home. I suspect that once we get back to the Gold Coast they are going to disappear and no one is going to find them without putting on a wet suit and going out into the surf with them. I just want to go some place where there is a lot more elbow room. I really get claustrophobic some of the time in this city, you literally get pack in like a sardine in many places.