Texas Gives Residents the Power of Choice

With the help of www.energyproviderstexas.com I’ve been able to quickly shop and compare which energy provider I’m going to choose, a simple fact at first glance but a luxury which not every state is able to provide! I find it rather novel and cool that I’m able to do this from my home here in Indiana since I’ll be moving to Texas in just a week. I just started researching the sort of utilities that I’ll have to look forward to so I was taken by surprise that I could actively choose which provider I wanted.

Here in Indiana we don’t have that. We have two different providers but in nearly every single area of the state you’re only able to pick one of them since the other doesn’t operate within the same district. On reflection, I don’t even think that there is a single county in the state that is able to provide residents with both of them, in fact. So this will be the first time that I have ever had the luxury to sit back, compare the prices of the different providers, and pick the one that is going to be able best serve me in the context of my financial means.

This also means that after I move to Texas that I am free to switch providers if I want. So if a company decides to hike up the price, I can easily call another one with a lower price. It happens here all the time with our provider. Nearly every single Winter they have upped the price of gas by at least $20. For those of us with not a lot of money throughout the year, or especially hard times like Winter when there are so many holidays to take into consideration, it’s becoming a serious problem.