Straight out of College into Married Apartment Life That I Really Love

I grew up in a rural area living in a mobile home. When I graduated high school, I had enough scholarships to pay for a couple years of college if I cut corners. I worked my way through to a degree. Then I was wanting to make one of those personal vows to never live in a cramped space again. However, when I saw the apartments in Simpsonville, I was actually quite impressed. I was just graduating with my degree, a job and a fiance. It was interesting going from dorm life into an apartment. It was actually very freeing to experience the space and openness of our new apartment.

We have a great kitchen, the living room is just about bigger than any place I have ever lived. We actually have a bedroom that is big enough that you do not have to squeeze between furniture and the bed or the bed and the wall. I am so glad that my fiance, who is now my wife, found this place online. The apartments in Simpsonville that we found are the Arbors at Fairview. They have a Paw Park, so we just had to get a dog. We adopted an adult dog from the shelter. She is our constant companion and is our baby. We can’t have children, so this little girl pup is going to be very pampered. She really enjoys the Paw Park.

The swimming pool is heated, and that is a nice feature a lot of other apartment with pools do not offer. Since I like swimming every single day rain or shine, the feature is a nice one. When we moved here I was not really into golfing, but my father-in-law bought me a putter and some golf balls. He said it would be a start. He got them for me because there is a putting green here at the apartments. Now I am out there several times per week learning how to putt. The next step is the driving range and then the golf course for my first real game.