Started Construction on the New House

We have worked out nearly all of the details and we are currently digging the foundation and the basement for the new house. With four growing kids we need a lot more space and this is going to be quite a bit larger. Right now I am in the process of figuring out what sort of home automation and security system I am going to put in, especially whether or not to do a deal with the local ADT provider or with some other entity, like for instance our cable company has their own home automation and home security platform. I have been looking to get a good look at what both of them provide and how much it costs, but of course we are not thinking that we want to do business with the cable company in their main areas of interest. You can get FIOS in this area and it seems like they are providing you with a whole lot more bandwidth than the cable company and the cost each month is going to be roughly the same. The main purpose of the system is going to be to save energy and to thereby save money. Of course this is a really big arena for competition right now and there are a lot of big corporations who are trying to get established in the area. Google has it’s own home automation hardware and they are writing software for it. Most of it is an app which runs on your smart phone. For the energy saving it needs to know where you are and when you are going to arrive at home and leave home. Since there are six of us to keep track of it is a bit more complicated in our case and the house’s brain needs to learn all of our schedules.