Spinal Decompression Gave Me My Life Back

I am only 25 years old. Not really the age to be searching for doctors to ease back pain. But I was. I finally found a chiropractor in Mesa that seemed to know how to help.

I was always active when I was younger. I loved hiking, swimming and cycling. All of that quickly changed. I had an accident while moving. I was carrying a box down the stairs and missed a stair. The fall caused me to have a slipped disk. I tried to ignore the pain at first but it got too bad. I tried herbal remedies, pain patches and anything else I could think of. Finally, I decided to see the chiropractor in Mesa.

He told me about a treatment called spinal decompression. It is still not widely known but he had high hopes. The discs are compressed to release the pressure on them. When they have less pressure, the body takes over and begins the job of healing itself.

I spent bout an hour in his office discussing the risks and options that I had. I decided it was worth a shot since nothing else was relieving the pain. I went back to him a week later to start the treatment. It took about an hour or two and did not cause any discomfort. I was still a little sore afterwards. It wasn’t a miracle cure.

However, I realized as the days and weeks went on that I was having less and less pain. I can now go hiking again. I am hoping that over time, I will keep improving.

If you have exhausted all other options of finding relief from sciatica, slipped discs or other back pains, look into spinal decompression. I am so glad I took the risk. It has gave me my life back.