Showing off for My Girlfriend

In general, people do crazy things for love. It can make people do irrational and crazy things. I am no exception to this rule. My girlfriend Lina ans I love each other very much. I love her to pieces. I would anything for her. Often times, I am very jealous when other guys come around her, especially muscular men. One day, I tried to impress her, but I hurt my back. I needed a Sacramento chiropractor to fix by injured back.

I met Lina in my junior year of college. I fell in love with her the fist day I met her. We have been inseparable ever since. One thing, that attracted me to Lina was that we both had most of the same interests. We liked the same movies, television shows and music. Lina had one hobby that I was interested in doing. She licked to work out and lift weights. Lina was very athletic but I was not.

One day, Lina dragged me to the gym. I did not want to go, but I knew I needed the exercise. Lina and I jogged on the treadmill together. In the gym, I noticed there was a very muscular man lifting weights. He was showing off to all the females. I think Lina even noticed him. My jealousy got the best of me. I walked over to the weights and tried to lift some heavy pounds. As I lifted, I felt a pain in my back. I could not stand up straight. I was in trouble.

Lina told me to visit her uncle. He was a critically acclaimed chiropractor. I jumped at the chance to meet him. His staff was very friendly and sympathetic to me. I had a month of physical therapy to heal me. It really worked.

My back now feels great. My doctor did a good job with me. They took good care of me every little step of the way. I will always be grateful for that.