Saying Goodbye to a Loyal Air Conditioner

For the first time in my life, I was able to see an air conditioner installation in NYC. My own air condntioner, which had been in service in my home for over 30 years, had finally kicked the bucket. It shall be missed, as it gave me a lot of cool moments, but there was nothing I could do for it. It was just too old and wouldn’t work anymore. The only logical step was to get a new one installed by a company that was up to the task. I found the right company for this by doing a little searching and reading reviews.

The company told me about the different air conditioners they offered and what kinds of features they had. I would have been satisfied with any air conditioner, as long as it did the job, but I picked one that had the most energy efficiency so that I could stay cool while saving some money on my energy bills. While I did love my old air conditioner, it did use a lot of energy in the summer months, and I tried to avoid turning it on as much as possible. Some people might call me a penny pincher or a cheapskate, but I’m the one paying the energy bill, and I would rather save money than waste money.

After making the selection for the air conditioner, the company came to my home to take away the old air conditioner and put in the new one. I asked them what they would do with the old air conditioner, and they told me that it would be broken down and recycled, and I think that was a good end for it. Eventually it will become scrap and become part of a new air conditioner, so that it can keep someone else cool.