Our Pre-Teen Daughter Has Extremely Sensitive Skin

Our daughter is approaching her teen years. She has discovered that the hormone changes of puberty that will help her grow into a beautiful woman also come with things such as body odor and hair she will be plucking, waxing and shaving the rest of her life. Or, as she said, until you get to be Grandma’s age! The thing is that our daughter has very sensitive skin. We have to use laundry detergent that has no fragrances or dyes. She uses a shampoo and conditioner that also does not have them in it either. The best deodorant for women that worked safely on very sensitive skin was now on her shopping list.

I do not remember the first time I used deodorant when I was a young girl. I probably just grabbed the same stuff my mother used and tried it. I think that is what happened as I am still using the same brand she does. Our daughter tried it and broke out in a bad rash. She missed three days of school because of it. We hope that she will outgrow all the skin sensitivities, but for now we accommodate her special needs. Her skin actually looks great when she is not exposed to any irritants. It is smooth and silky looking. Her face does not have any blemishes. She has sensitive skin but no acne. Her friends have acne but they can use regular hygiene products.

I am glad there are companies out there that market natural products designed for sensitive skin. There are hypoallergenic deodorants that actually work and do not irritate skin. There are options for deodorants and antiperspirants instead of just relying on the major commercial brands. We finally found something that works perfectly for her. It had to “feel” good under her arms as well as not irritate the skin. I know what she means. I like the gels rather than the roll-ons or the ones that are a white waxy cake.