Our Luxury Apartment Even Has Valet Trash Service

When I was a kid I realized that we did not have as much money as the other kids seemed to have in my school. They had younger parents with good jobs, and my parents were older and had some health problems. I paid attention in school and started working part time jobs at 15. I worked my way up into different positions at different companies until landing an upper management job. I did not earn my degree until I was well into adulthood, but recently we moved to some Atlanta luxury apartments in midtown based entirely on my salary.

My wife works a full time job and makes the same as me. We can pay all of our bills on my salary, so we help both sides of our family with our supplemental income. It gives us a great feeling to be able to have the privilege of making it this far in our careers and salary goals. We do have a really nice place at 464 Bishop on Atlanta’s west side. Our apartment has a beautiful and contemporary open floor plan with a kitchen that is separated from the rest of the living space by an island sink and breakfast bar. Everywhere you look in our apartment or on the grounds you see the touches of fine design that the architects put into this place.

We have really high ceilings with 8-foot high doors. You are not going to find openness like that in most places. We also have LED lighting, and there is granite in the bathroom too. No shortcuts were taken in any of the design features or the floorplans. The resident lounge even has a gourmet coffee bar, and that is a place my wife and I visit quite often together. We even have valet trash service. How can you top that?