Never Stroll over a Wet Floor

The last thing I thought I’d hurt here at the restaurant was my back. I found myself online looking for a chiropractor in Campbell CA though because I seriously screwed up my back when I slipped and fell on a recently mopped floor. The injuries I’ve suffered before included cutting my fingers, burning my hands on a fryer, and dropping a box on my foot. A back injury? Not on the agenda. The problem was me not looking where I was going while carrying a huge box of lettuce. Someone had mopped the floor and didn’t put out the wet floor sign. Back meet floor.

Wow the pain was horrible. I didn’t even care that I’d dropped the box of lettuce on my chest. I could barely feel that over the fog horn like intensity of the pain emanating from my back. It took my breath away. By the time I managed to get to my feet the pain was so bad I got nauseous. Continuing to work was out of the question. My boss helped take me home and suggested I look up the services of a chiropractor as they did wonders on an injury he’d suffered some time before.

I sure didn’t feel like going to the emergency room, and a heating pad helped the pain somewhat, so I took an extra day to get in to see the chiropractor. I managed to get in right away and was immediately diagnosed with a spine compression. This compression was pushing on my nerves and that was what kept the pain going. Over four visits the chiropractor managed to alleviate the pain by doing adjustments that caused the compression to move to the center of the disc and thus taking the pressure off the nerves. I’m still surprised this worked so well.