Needing to Get a New Apartment

I was having problems with my apartment and I was thinking about moving. I needed to take a look around at different apartments in jacksonville florida. There are many reasons why I want to move from my current place. One of those reasons is because it’s a bit shady. I get the feeling that they don’t screen any of the tenants in this complex and I think quite a number of them might be felons. I don’t have any concrete proof of that but it’s just a gut feeling. Another reason is because it’s pretty disgusting. I’ve seen roaches numerous times and no matter how clean I keep my place, they ultimately come back. This tells me that there is at least another tenant that has a gross apartment which is keeping the roaches coming back. This is really disheartening because I go to great lengths to keep my apartment clean. I don’t like to live in squalor and the first time I saw a roach in my apartment I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to scream really loud.

Another reason I want to move is because I’ve grown really tired of my apartment’s layout. I don’t know who designed this building but it’s pretty bad. When you come in the front door there’s a hallway that either goes to the living on one side, and the bedroom on the other side. The kitchen and the bathroom are both in between. This makes for a very cramped feeling apartment because nothing is connected. Everything is closed off and separate from the other areas of the apartment. Another factor is the noise. There’s a car wash next door and eighty percent of the time there’s someone blasting music from their car while they’re washing it. It’s pretty rude of people but they simply don’t care.