Needed a Home Heater Inspection

I needed a Sacramento hvac company to come out and take a look at our furnace. People think that because we live in California, we don’t need a heater. They must be thinking that the famous Southern California weather dominates everywhere in the state. Nothing could be further from the truth. While we don’t get super frigid temperatures here in Northern California, it can get very cold at night. If you’ve ever seen those foggy pictures of San Francisco, you know that comes from having some cold temperatures. Here in Sacramento you absolutely must have a heater in your home or apartment.

We needed someone to look at our furnace because we hadn’t had it serviced in some time and I was nervous about trying to get through another winter without having it checked out. There’s really nothing worse than trying to get heating service at the same time hundreds of other people are trying to do the same thing. I also thought we probably needed to have the furnace filters changed as I couldn’t remember the last time that happened. I think my husband did it, but it might have been years ago. So I had a list of things I wanted done.

I found a great company online and they sent someone over to do a standard inspection service on the unit. They also replaced the furnace filters which was a good thing because they were absolutely filthy. It looked like it indeed had been years since we replaced them. That’s not something you want to neglect if you’ve got sinus problems or allergies. So the service guy went over the machine and gave us a clean bill of health. I feel a lot better now knowing we will be toasty warm this winter when the cold weather rolls in.