My Chiropractor Has Been Instrumental in My Lifestyle Changes

I went to a San Jose chiropractor because I had hurt my back working out, but that is not the reason I still go to him. I had been overweight most of my life, and I finally decided I had enough of my unhealthy lifestyle one day after hearing some kids make comments about my weight. I brushed it off on the outside, but it caused a lot of pain inside. That is probably why I started working out at a level that I was just not ready for, which is how I hurt my back initially.

The chiropractor that I saw was very nice, and I found myself opening up to him about my weight struggle. He told me that one of the reasons he went into chiropractic care is to help people who want to help themselves. He explained that he could be an integral part of me getting healthy again. Since I had made a lot of bad choices up to this point, I knew I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I also knew it would be a lot easier having a health professional on my side throughout this journey.

He told me that I need to consider it a lifestyle change rather than a weight loss journey. He went on to explain that a weight loss journey ends when I reach my goal, but a lifestyle change goes on for the rest of my life. He was able to help me with a nutrition plan as well as supplements so I was not missing anything I needed, and he also helped me with an exercise protocol that was right for me. Even before all that, he helped me with my sore back, and I really credit him for being the catalyst to what has inspired me to change myself for the better!