Moving in Here Will Be Sweet

Looking for South Charlotte apartments, I ended up picking a property that isn’t even open yet. Weird, huh? That’s because out of all the places I looked, these apartments hold out the best promise for truly luxurious living in this great city. I looked around at a lot of places, and there was always something holding me back. The appliances weren’t properly maintained, the grounds looked a bit shabby, the neighbors I met didn’t seem friendly. It was always something. But now that I’m looking at a brand new property, I’m definitely thinking the wait will be worth it.

They’re going all out on these apartments as even a cursory look at their site confirms. Nine to ten foot high ceilings sounds pretty incredible for an apartment unit. They’re going to have 24 hour emergency maintenance service as well, which is going to be great because most places have strict hours on when someone will show up to just take a look at something let alone actually getting around to fixing it. Other features that sound intriguing are the secure and dedicated high speed fiber internet and a special sound buffering feature that promises to keep noise from neighbors to a minimum.

I’ve actually talked to people affiliated with the soon to arrive apartment complex, and they really sounded positive about the whole endeavor. I suspect it will become very difficult to get a unit at this complex because of all the great amenities. Another selling point is the location, which is near many restaurants, parks, shopping areas, and golf courses. I’m definitely planning on getting in as quickly as possible. I talked it over with my wife and she seems as excited as I am about the potential of living here. It should be just a few more short months and hopefully we can finally move!