Mom and an Apartment Finder Showed Me How to Find a Place Quickly

There are so many apartments for rent in Deland Florida and I had never had one of my own, so I was not really sure which place I should start looking. It felt like it might be overwhelming, but my mother said that it does not have to be at all. She said that I should just use the help of one of those apartment finding companies, and they will help me get started much easier. She made an appointment for me and we went together. I found a place that very same day because of the extra help.

I really wanted to get a one bedroom, but my budget doesn’t really allow for that. Not yet anyway. So, I needed to get a studio. The lady at the place that helps you find apartments said that she knows of a place that offers garden studios, which is basically a place that feels more like a one bedroom, even though it is not. She said she didn’t know why they called them that, but that there was a place right around the corner that had two units available that we should go look at. I walked into the first one and loved it immediately. It has a partial wall in between the kitchen and bedroom area that really does make it feel like it’s not a studio. I decided to rent that one quickly before someone else did.

Moving in was a lot of fun because my mom gave me a lot of her old furniture. I say that it is old, but it is really nice stuff. She simply wanted to buy some new things for the house instead. I feel so cozy when I come home at night after work and start relaxing in my new apartment. Mom comes by often and brings me homemade meals, too!