Located Very Close to My Employer

I looked for apartments in South Charlotte after transferring into the city due to my employer. I work for a fairly large banking concern and my boss wanted me to head down to Charlotte for a year to make sure a recent acquisition would go smoothly. Seeing as how I wouldn’t be living in the city for longer than that amount of time, that meant I needed to find a nice apartment located close to where I would be working. I like proximity because I don’t like commuting.

My prior commute ate up a lot of my time and I figured since I was moving somewhere else for a year that I could at the very least make sure my drive was easy and stress free. Even better, my employer agreed to pick up the cost of my rental, which meant I could choose a very nice place to live. Needless to say, I did a lot of research to make sure I would be taking full advantage of this deal! I found several decent options and spent some time visiting each place and looking around. I didn’t want to make a hasty choice and then end up regretting it for a full year.

The apartment complex I chose really is a great place. The amenities are marvelous, the units are spacious and very modern, and the residents seem like serious people with actual lives. That last point is important because I remember my younger days of apartment living and many places are loaded up with young people who like to stay up late making a lot of noise. I doubt I’ll be having that problem here. Most people here have jobs and many have young children and that is perfect for me. Really I can’t wait to move in and get to work. It’s going to be almost like a year long vacation!