Living on My Own is Going to Be Very Easy to Do

My bestie and I used to talk all the time about how we would live together after we graduated high school. But when the time came for the two of us to move in together, I found that it is not working out as well as I assumed. She often will not pay her share of bills, and I cannot afford to pay her share for a two bedroom place. So, I found myself looking at 1 bedroom apartments in Marietta GA to see what my options are. I was unsure if I could live on my own, but I wanted to make sure that I explored all the available options in my city.

I have been best friends with my girlfriend ever since we were 6 years old and we met in the first grade. I would say that we’ve had a good run, but it’s time for me to spread my wings. I know that if I continue to live with her, we will soon become enemies. I want to go to college, and she seems this floundering about in life. If I stay with her, I will continue to lose money because she won’t pay her bills, and the fighting and the stress is keeping me away from focusing on going to college. I want to make something of myself, and she seems to not really care what happens to her or me.

I was pleased to learn that there a lot of apartments around the city that I can afford by myself. I found several great options. I set down one night and ran all the numbers, and I should be able to handle all the rent and the utilities all by myself. In addition, the apartment that I like the best is located just one block away from the community college. I can just walk to and from school very easily. My job is just a bus right away, too. I’m excited about my future possibilities.