Life at New Futura is Better Than Expected

I have certain goals in my life. I don’t set unrealistic ones, and I rarely alter them once I have set them. There are times though when one needs changed because a better opportunity comes along, or a time sensitive one does. That is what happened when I first heard about the New Futura development that was coming to District 9. I honestly did not give it much thought because moving was not one of my more immediate goals. New developments are popping up all the time, so I knew that there would be another one coming by the time I was ready to move.

What I was not counting on was the New Futura condo development being as amazing as it is. I always had the mindset that if you have seen one new condo development in Singapore, then you have seen them all. Well, this one proved me wrong. A good friend of mine insisted that I look at the details for New Futura, and I was blown away with what I saw there. I looked at the actual condo layout first. I knew that the best pools and fitness centers in the world would mean little if I did not like the actual condo.

The design team really went all out on this one. The detail in the condos is very noticeable, and the layout is perfect. I also like that there are not hundreds of these units. That doesn’t matter when I am in my own condo, but it definitely makes a difference when I am trying to enjoy the pool, the gym, the reading corner, or one of the other dozens of features they have there. Everything about this place beckoned to me, and that is why I altered that one goal. I am now the happy owner of a condo here, and life is even better than I could have expected.