Learning Physics Opens Up a Whole New Way of Understanding Our World

I had an extremely hard time when I was in school learning the sciences. I had zero interest in it. It all changed for me when one tutor showed me just how interested I really was in the sciences and just didn’t know it. I was extremely interested in plants. I was learning how to make plant hybrids on my own. The tutor showed me how genetics, chemistry, meteorology, math and more were part of my interests in plants. This is why when our granddaughter had trouble in physics that my wife and I got JC physics tuition for her to help boost her grades.

She actually liked the sciences too, but she had not made the connection of how understanding the fundamentals of each branch of science will hep her pursue her desire to develop advanced robotics. She was good at math, and she thought that was all she needed to know to move ahead in robotics. The tutoring showed her how physics spreads out among so many of the sciences from engineering to getting into space. Quantum dynamics requires a deep understanding of physics. Particle physics is another name that quantum dynamics is known by. I find it fascinating in how the macro world we observe and interact with breaks down at the quantum level.

It doesn’t really take a big brain to be able to grasp and build upon what is already known in quantum theories, it just takes knowledge of the fundamentals that have been established so far. The JC physics tuition that we provide for our granddaughter will help her become anything she wants to be. Knowledge is one thing you take with you into any field you decide to pursue. And the more you know the better equipped you are to excel and earn more money in your lifetime.