Knocking Down One Fear at a Time

I am the legal guardian of my niece and nephew. Their parents were killed in a car accident nearly two years ago, and they still have a very hard time with it. They both developed a fear of the unknown, which meant they were afraid of moving in with me even though I live in a very safe neighborhood. I could definitely understand their reservations because I had quite a few of my own. My life was changed the same day that their lives were. I told them that we could have an ADT security system installed before they moved in, and that actually helped calm down some of their fears.

They just wanted to feel safe inside their new home, and I could not blame them at all. I wanted to feel safe too, and it suddenly felt like a very unsafe world. If our lives could be forever changed just with my sister and her husband driving to the store one morning, we knew that anything was possible. I knew that I could have just the basic system installed and they would be happy with it, but I wanted to have even more than that.

I wanted to have every single window and door to be outfitted with a sensor. I explained to the kids that this meant that if the alarm was activated and someone tripped a sensor, the monitoring service would be notified automatically. We went over the code repeatedly in case one of them accidentally set the sensors off so they would know what to do. Just that one small move made all of us feel safer, which helped us to get even closer through this tragedy. Yes, our world is different now, but we are getting through it the best we can. Feeling safe plays a large part in that!