I Went to a Big Party in Athens

Of course it has not been that long since I graduated and so I still know some people who are back on campus. I go to the basketball and football games when I have the time and that was where I ran into this girl who invited me to a sorority party. I was having a great time, although the girl who invited me got mad at me for flirting with another girl. At least that was what she and this huge guy thought. I had to go see a chiropractor in Cumming GA a couple of days later. This other guy was pretty much convinced that this was his girl, although she was obviously not interested in him. He was about twice as big as I am, but I really had no trouble getting out of the way when he tried to hit me. Unfortunately for me, one of his buddies grabbed hold of me and this big oaf was able to get on top of me.

He was too drunk to really do very much, but the guy was enormous and I hurt my back getting him off of me. I was lucky that most of the guy’s friends were quick to get him under control, but this girl started to go off on him. She was threatening to call the police on him and then she had all of them thrown out of the party. I had just enough alcohol in me that I really did not feel much pain. In fact I was rather proud of myself at the time, because I felt like I had acquitted myself pretty well and there were dozens of pretty girls there to see how well I had done. The next morning I did not feel nearly so good about it.