I Just Started Looking for a New Place

It has been quite a long time building up to it, but I have just now started to think about where I am going to live going forward. Of course since I just started looking for a new place I have not really gotten too far in the process. I would love it if I were looking at the very best apartments in North Charleston SC, but I have to figure that this is not going to be possible on my budget. I would love it a lot if I had some reliable roommate, unlike the one that inspired me to start this search. The two of us have been living in this place since a few months after I left college and started my career in insurance. Obviously the reason you share a place is to save money and that is the whole thing. For the most part he and I have gotten along fine, he did what he said he was going to do.

That changed a few months ago, when he started to date this really wild girl. In fact the two of them are out almost every single night and that usually catches up to you. Of course the girl never reaches in her purse and pays for anything when you take her out on the town, so he started to bleed from his wallet almost instantly. That was his problem, except when the two of them started to fight at unfortunately hours of the night. If he wanted to blow his money on her, that was his own problem. In fact his boss eventually got tired of him coming in to the office hung over or not coming in at all. Now he lost the girl the moment he could not cash a check on pay day.