I Just Got out of the Dorms

Of course I would not mind living in the dorms too much, but I just did not get very lucky when they assigned me a roommate. The guy is just really strange and he is very morose. I suppose they call it Goth or Emo, but regardless the guy has a very off putting manner and I grew tired of him in world record time. The bottom line is that he is simply not a pleasant character and being around him just makes me depressed. I spent the morning looking at apartments for rent in Silver Spring MD and of course I am thinking about who I want to try to get to be my roommate. I know about half a dozen guys who I have talked about this with, all of us are rising sophomores who have been staying in the dorms. They make you do that when you are a freshman. It is something where you really want to get out and be some place where there are not so many rules.

In one of the guys I know was talking about renting this house. He was saying that it had room for half a dozen people in it and that if we split the rent that many ways, then all of us would only be on the hook for about a hundred and fifty bucks each. That sounded really good when he said it and I heard him out, but then he took me to see this place and it looked like it should have been condemned. The place was probably a hundred years old, which is not too big of a deal if it has been taken care of. However the people who were renting it out had not done any of the things that they needed to do.