I Am Working on Three Different Houses Now

I am still working on three home renovations at once, two of them for my former father in law and another for a guy that he introduced me to about three years ago. The ex wife is mad at him every time that he speaks my name, but business is business and neither of us ever lost a dime making a deal with the other. I used to be a lot more hands on than I am now. For example today I got bids on tree trimming in Hendersonville NC, on a job that I would have done myself a few years ago. I guess that perhaps my time is more valuable than it used to be, but it is more likely that I decided that the risk of breaking my neck gets higher when my stomach gets larger and I get more gray hairs. Of course I did do some of that I could do with a pole saw with both of my feet on the ground.

Of course under the circumstances we are really trying to get stuff on the market. Jack owns a fair number of rental houses, but when you can sell a house for significantly more than you think that it is really worth he is trying to sell where it is practical. He is not tossing people out, but if they decide to go somewhere else he does not look for a new tenant. Instead he and I will inspect the place and figure what makes sense before we put it on the market. It is amazing how rapidly a house will sell and at or above the asking price. I started piddling around in this sort of thing about twenty years and it amazes me how things have become so competitive in buying a house.