I Am Ready to Move out Soon

Of course it is an easy thing to find an apartment, but being able to afford it is another matter and I really need the security deposit back on the place. I have not really got the time to do a thorough job and I know that the landlord is going to find any excuse not to return the money. Everyone knows that, so I have to look at house cleaning prices and figure out whether or not I can afford it. Obviously the key is whether or not you get the security deposit back or not, since it really is a great investment if that is what it boils down to. In fact I already have all of my stuff packed, since the landlord is going to raise my rent when the lease is up. No one likes him at all and it is really clear that he will do any little thing that he can to gain an advantage. So the only way to get that security deposit is going to be if the place is absolutely spotless.

He would not try to stop you if you really got the place perfect, because this one time he tried and the girl was dating a lawyer. They had pictures and video, which made it all too obvious that he was just trying to keep the money without a good cause. He knew it as soon as he got the summons and so he tried to get them to stop, she told me that they made him pay double because they figured it would teach him a lesson. That only counts if you can show that the place is spotless, anything short of that and you know that he is going to try to keep that money until the rooster crows.