I Am Back on the Road Again

I spent about nine months working in a studio, the boss even put a music production diploma on the wall of my office. Of course that is a farce in my opinion, because I do not think I have ever seen a school where they offered such a degree. The boss must have gotten it off of the web and he really thought that it was important. In fact that is not important at all to me, since I just work in the engineering of recordings and that is not something that you really have to have much of an education to do. You really need to have the aptitude for it and you have to understand the tech that is being used, then you have to know the artist and try to see through their ears. That makes no sense, but you are working for someone who is making a personal statement and your job is to be a vessel for that statement.

At any rate I sort of missed the road, although I still figure that I am getting way too old for it. I am helping with these guys, in fact the main attraction is the son of one of the first real bands I ever toured with. He searched me out and took me out in the country to where his boy and this band were rehearsing in a barn. Before we got there he told me that they needed a new drummer, and asked me if I was interested. This became clear at once, but I am a dozen years older than the oldest of these boys. I had to admit that the rest of them were pretty sharp, so I made some calls and got them a good drummer. Then we started rehearsing and playing local dates, now they are ready for the show.