How Much Will It Cost Me to Set Up an Office Network?

 Business Consulting | Consultancy Company with Expertise in Business ...I have a lot of skill in what I do, but very little business experience. Basically I have been supervising a major machine shop for about 17 years, with some prior experience in the field and in the military. Right after I turned fifty the company decided to move the operations overseas to some place in Asia. It turned out to be a disaster for them because they got entangled with government corruption or something that smelled a lot like it. Of course their misfortune was no good to me or the people who used to work in the machine shop. Some of us got together and managed to get together the machining we need to build our own shop. We had one of the former executives doing a lot of the sales and administrative work, but he was working out of his garage and now he has gotten a much better position than we could offer him.

We are not starting from scratch, but we are going to need to set up a real office. We have a lot of clients and it was sort of remarkable that Ed and his daughters were able to do the job from his garage. He was really a bargain for us and we appreciate him a lot more now that we have to figure out how to replace him. He just gave us his computer with all of the files on it, but we need to network it and perhaps set it up so that we can work at him. We figure that all of us together will take over a small part of what Ed was doing. We just got a very substantial amount of work from one of the major Siemens Automation plants making switchgears, so we have to hurry up and set things up.