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Thanks to your website I was able to read the reviews here and find the perfect software for my brother’s scanner. My parents passed away a few years ago, and my brother and I had been sharing the old family photos. Since I was traveling a lot with my job, I thought it would be awesome if I could have our family pictures on my computer, but I didn’t know which software would be best, so I started looking around online. Who knew there were so many different types of software out there? I wanted to find a easy, plug and play type software, because even though I worked with computers I wouldn’t call myself a wizard or computer geek.

When I found your website I was able to read all the reviews about the software you sold. Yes, most of them were very positive, but there were a couple negative ones. But after I read about the software I felt I would give it a try and I am so glad I did too.

One weekend when I was off from work I took three albums of my family pictures to my house and I started to scan them. The process was so easy. Seeing all of those photos when my brother and I were growing up was so meaningful to me. I loved the photos at Christmas time. My brother and I would sneak down the stairs early on Christmas Day and my parents would always being hiding to take the perfect picture of our reaction to our Christmas gifts. Then after we opened up the presents we would get dressed in our finest church clothes and go to Christmas service. We always had our picture taken as a family. Having these photos with me, just made me feel whole again, and made us seem like a complete family again.