Easy Access to a Sweet Treat

The mobile apps developer in Singapore made it easy for me to start my own candy delivery service. It all started one day when I was making special decorative chocolates. A friend of mine complimented me on how great they looked, and told me that they were good enough to be sold for profit. This gave me an idea, and I started doing some math to determine how much I would have to sell to generate a decent profit. I then contacted the developer to create an app that would let people place orders for my chocolates and see the status of their delivery.

Since I was going to be making and delivering chocolates on a much larger scale than what I was used to, I had to buy some supplies to speed up the process. I bought some extra candy molds and a larger pot to melt more chocolate. I also had to get packaging and shipping supplies for the candy. The chocolates that I made were stable at room temperature, so I didn’t have to worry about them melting for the most part. In cases where the temperature would be extremely hot, or there would be a long delivery time, I shipped the chocolates with some dry ice to keep the temperature down.

The app made everything simple, and since it combined purchasing and tracking in the same space, people found it to be more convenient than constantly checking on a shipping website to see where the candy was in the middle of transit. The success of my business came down to timing, as if I had came up with the idea many years before, it probably wouldn’t have been possible to create an app that would take care of all of the customers needs. Back in the old days before all cell phones could use these apps, something like this would have been less efficient.