Do Not Become a Victim of What I Call Lease Creep

We won a trip for a vacation at a resort. Everything about the place was clean and new. It was nothing like the rundown apartment we were living in. I told my wife that we needed to look into the rent for a nicer apartment. We were not getting any sort of discount for living in a place that was so dated it was ridiculous. Our old place was so dated, I expected the TV to only play shows from the early 1980s. We started looking at luxury apartments for rent in Lewisville TX on a whim. We wanted to see the best we could get, then we were going to look into something more affordable. However, when we looked at the monthly rent for a two bedroom apartment at the Bluffs at Vista Ridge, we saw that it was very close to what we were already paying for rent.

We had become victims of what I call the lease creep. That is my term for when tenants put up with the rent going higher and higher but what you are renting just getting older and older. We were living in an apartment straight out of the 80s but paying the rent you would pay for a much newer and nicer place. Well, once we realized that, we signed a lease for a place at the Bluffs at Vista Ridge. We paid out our old lease for the last three months and were not even living there any longer. We were that desperate to move and begin to take advantage of all the amenities at our new place.

We finally had an apartment that was, to us, like living at a resort. The swimming pool, athletic center and the business center all were new with all new things. Nothing reminded me of TV shows from almost four decades ago! This place was modern and suited us perfectly. Don’t let your own life suffer from lease creep. Check to see what is available for what you are already paying for rent. You might be surprised to find you can actually afford to live in a luxury apartment.