Deciding What We Need to Cut from the Budget

We have the house and it is pretty much exactly what we wanted, but it is a bit of a stretch financially for myself and Anna Catherine. We did not have much of an issue getting the down payment, because we were able to get some of it from our parents. They were both delighted, since this place is quite close to both of our parents’ homes and they are going to be grandparents in about three or four months from now. We have to make our monthly bills, ADT security, cable television and the internet are what we have on the cutting block right now. We are wondering which one of them we can do without the easiest for a short term period. That probably means that we are going to cut the cable for a few months, although I would really prefer it if it was during the baseball season and not football and basketball season. I do not care that much for watching baseball on TV, but I really love the other two sports. It is not like we can do without the Internet and we really like our home security system, although the monthly cost is higher than we would prefer to pay. It is a really modern system that the previous owner had installed a couple of months ago. I am sure that he believed it would make the house more valuable and I sort of believe that it does. This is one of those new systems which operates via a smart phone app. You can set it up so that you can control a lot of different aspects of your home’s operations with your smart phone. Of course you can lock and unlock your front door with a smart phone, so if your Mom drops by before you get home you can let her in.