Life at New Futura is Better Than Expected

I have certain goals in my life. I don’t set unrealistic ones, and I rarely alter them once I have set them. There are times though when one needs changed because a better opportunity comes along, or a time sensitive one does. That is what happened when I first heard about the New Futura development that was coming to District 9. I honestly did not give it much thought because moving was not one of my more immediate goals. New developments are popping up all the time, so I knew that there would be another one coming by the time I was ready to move.

What I was not counting on was the New Futura condo development being as amazing as it is. I always had the mindset that if you have seen one new condo development in Singapore, then you have seen them all. Well, this one proved me wrong. A good friend of mine insisted that I look at the details for New Futura, and I was blown away with what I saw there. I looked at the actual condo layout first. Continue reading Life at New Futura is Better Than Expected