Do Not Become a Victim of What I Call Lease Creep

We won a trip for a vacation at a resort. Everything about the place was clean and new. It was nothing like the rundown apartment we were living in. I told my wife that we needed to look into the rent for a nicer apartment. We were not getting any sort of discount for living in a place that was so dated it was ridiculous. Our old place was so dated, I expected the TV to only play shows from the early 1980s. We started looking at luxury apartments for rent in Lewisville TX on a whim. We wanted to see the best we could get, then we were going to look into something more affordable. However, when we looked at the monthly rent for a two bedroom apartment at the Bluffs at Vista Ridge, we saw that it was very close to what we were already paying for rent.

We had become victims of what I call the lease creep. Continue reading Do Not Become a Victim of What I Call Lease Creep

I Feel Much Safer at My New Apartment

I was not happy living where I lived just a few months ago. I finally decided to start looking at apartments in Temple Terrace FL because I knew I just did not have it in me to renew my lease for even a half a year more. It was a nice enough apartment when I first moved in, but it was cheap. That means that crime started to become a problem, and I just wanted to feel safer than what I did there. I looked at a few places and was not happy with them either because I thought the same problem would happen.

I knew that the only way to avoid that was to look at much nicer apartment complexes. I had heard good things about The Lodge at Hidden River from a few people at work. Even though they have moved on, I still thought I would check it out. Continue reading I Feel Much Safer at My New Apartment

Straight out of College into Married Apartment Life That I Really Love

I grew up in a rural area living in a mobile home. When I graduated high school, I had enough scholarships to pay for a couple years of college if I cut corners. I worked my way through to a degree. Then I was wanting to make one of those personal vows to never live in a cramped space again. However, when I saw the apartments in Simpsonville, I was actually quite impressed. I was just graduating with my degree, a job and a fiance. It was interesting going from dorm life into an apartment. It was actually very freeing to experience the space and openness of our new apartment.

We have a great kitchen, the living room is just about bigger than any place I have ever lived. We actually have a bedroom that is big enough that you do not have to squeeze between furniture and the bed or the bed and the wall. I am so glad that my fiance, who is now my wife, found this place online. The apartments in Simpsonville that we found are the Arbors at Fairview. They have a Paw Park, so we just had to get a dog. We adopted an adult dog from the shelter. She is our constant companion and is our baby. Continue reading Straight out of College into Married Apartment Life That I Really Love

Dallas is Home to Me Now

I didn’t know exactly what kind of apartment complex I wanted to live at, but I knew that I would recognize the one I was meant to be at as soon as I saw it. I had been looking at far North Dallas apartments online for just a few minutes when I found the right one. I wanted to make sure the area was a safe area first because I am all about personal safety. I know that bad things can happen anywhere, but I also know that taking precautions like moving into a low crime neighborhood up my chances of not becoming a victim. Continue reading Dallas is Home to Me Now

Located Very Close to My Employer

I looked for apartments in South Charlotte after transferring into the city due to my employer. I work for a fairly large banking concern and my boss wanted me to head down to Charlotte for a year to make sure a recent acquisition would go smoothly. Seeing as how I wouldn’t be living in the city for longer than that amount of time, that meant I needed to find a nice apartment located close to where I would be working. I like proximity because I don’t like commuting.

My prior commute ate up a lot of my time and I figured since I was moving somewhere else for a year that I could at the very least make sure my drive was easy and stress free. Continue reading Located Very Close to My Employer

Our Luxury Apartment Even Has Valet Trash Service

When I was a kid I realized that we did not have as much money as the other kids seemed to have in my school. They had younger parents with good jobs, and my parents were older and had some health problems. I paid attention in school and started working part time jobs at 15. I worked my way up into different positions at different companies until landing an upper management job. I did not earn my degree until I was well into adulthood, but recently we moved to some Atlanta luxury apartments in midtown based entirely on my salary.

My wife works a full time job and makes the same as me. We can pay all of our bills on my salary, so we help both sides of our family with our supplemental income. It gives us a great feeling to be able to have the privilege of making it this far in our careers and salary goals. We do have a really nice place at 464 Bishop on Atlanta’s west side. Continue reading Our Luxury Apartment Even Has Valet Trash Service

This is a Really Nice Apartment

There were only two things I cared about when I started looking at apartments in North San Antonio. The first is that it had to be fairly new, and the second was that I could bring my two cats with me. I have had my cats through thick and thin, and there was no way I was going to find an apartment where they would not be able to stay with me. They are both house cats, and I would be lost without them. When I did a search for pet friendly apartments, I was happy to see that the list was still fairly long.

The apartment complex that I ended up choosing is Woodbridge Apartments. As soon as I saw the pictures there, I was hooked. Continue reading This is a Really Nice Apartment