Dallas is Home to Me Now

I didn’t know exactly what kind of apartment complex I wanted to live at, but I knew that I would recognize the one I was meant to be at as soon as I saw it. I had been looking at far North Dallas apartments online for just a few minutes when I found the right one. I wanted to make sure the area was a safe area first because I am all about personal safety. I know that bad things can happen anywhere, but I also know that taking precautions like moving into a low crime neighborhood up my chances of not becoming a victim.

The location of The Oaks of North Dallas Apartments is really nice, and I felt confident that it was the place for me after looking at all of the pictures of the apartments and grounds there. The apartment is nice and comes with things like crown moldings, a fireplace, a nice sized storage area, skylights, a walk in closet that would make any woman happy, and so much more. I was interested in more than just what was inside my own private walls there. I am a social creature, and I wanted to make sure that there were things that would keep me happy there when I am not working.

After looking at all of the community amenities, I was excited to move here. One of the nicest things for me is that it is really close to a bike path. I love riding, and I am just happy that I don’t have to load my bike up on my car to take it somewhere that I can ride. I am there within just a couple of minutes of riding now. There is also a nice pool, an outdoor kitchen that residents can use, a fitness center, Wi-Fi everywhere and so much more. This is home now!