An Unexpected Move to a Nice Apartment

The Pad on Harvard is where I live. If you would have asked me even two months ago if I thought it possible that I would live here, I would have laughed and quickly said no. I honestly thought that it was beyond my means, so I am really glad that I decided to look at the community website anyway one night when I was bored. There was all kinds of information there about the complex, and that is where I was able to see the prices of the different apartments too.

While the cost is a bit more than what I was paying at the time for my one bedroom unit, I knew that it was still affordable. I was actually surprised that the cost was as low as it was, because I just figured that such a nice apartment complex would net premium rental rates rather than the affordable rates that I saw on the website. After seeing that, I just had to look at the different apartment layouts, and that was when I knew I was going to apply to live there myself.

It is in a great neighborhood, and it is actually more convenient to the places that I go to the most. I was thinking about getting a studio apartment there because it was plenty big enough for me, but then I opted to go for one of the one bedroom units instead. I made this decision because the rent is not that much more, and there is more space. I knew that I would feel a lot more comfortable that way, and the floor plan was a lot more open too. Since moving here, I have been a lot happier, so I would definitely say that this is change is one that I needed without even knowing it!