A Four Bedroom Apartment That is Really Nice

When I started looking at houses in San Antonio, I just was not able to find anything that I was really happy with. I knew that I needed to figure out something quickly, because I really wanted us to be settled in before the kids’ school year started. My husband is the one who suggested that we look at apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio instead and find one that is in the school district that I wanted for the kids, and then we could take our time in looking for the house that we would eventually settle into.

That plan sounded like a good one to me, especially since I was just striking out in every way imaginable for the house search. I honestly did not think that I would find a four bedroom apartment, but our two daughters were agreeable on sharing a room since they knew it would only be for a year. That is why we were all surprised and very happy when I did find a four bedroom apartment in the school district that I wanted them enrolled in. The girls were excited that they would each get their own room, and our son was really excited that he was going to get what he calls a private area.

That is because there is one bedroom next to the garage on the lower level. It has its own bath and a huge walk in closet, and he claimed it as his as soon as he saw it. The girls wanted the two bedrooms upstairs, and my husband and I definitely wanted the master bedroom on the main floor because of the private bath and walk in closet there. There is also a really large balcony, big enough for the five of us to have an enjoyable meal out there from time to time. This really is the most perfect apartment, and we all love living here.