I Am Working on Three Different Houses Now

I am still working on three home renovations at once, two of them for my former father in law and another for a guy that he introduced me to about three years ago. The ex wife is mad at him every time that he speaks my name, but business is business and neither of us ever lost a dime making a deal with the other. I used to be a lot more hands on than I am now. For example today I got bids on tree trimming in Hendersonville NC, on a job that I would have done myself a few years ago. I guess that perhaps my time is more valuable than it used to be, but it is more likely that I decided that the risk of breaking my neck gets higher when my stomach gets larger and I get more gray hairs. Of course I did do some of that I could do with a pole saw with both of my feet on the ground.

Of course under the circumstances we are really trying to get stuff on the market. Jack owns a fair number of rental houses, but when you can sell a house for significantly more than you think that it is really worth he is trying to sell where it is practical. He is not tossing people out, but if they decide to go somewhere else he does not look for a new tenant. Instead he and I will inspect the place and figure what makes sense before we put it on the market. It is amazing how rapidly a house will sell and at or above the asking price. I started piddling around in this sort of thing about twenty years and it amazes me how things have become so competitive in buying a house.

Saying Goodbye to a Loyal Air Conditioner

For the first time in my life, I was able to see an air conditioner installation in NYC. My own air condntioner, which had been in service in my home for over 30 years, had finally kicked the bucket. It shall be missed, as it gave me a lot of cool moments, but there was nothing I could do for it. It was just too old and wouldn’t work anymore. The only logical step was to get a new one installed by a company that was up to the task. I found the right company for this by doing a little searching and reading reviews.

The company told me about the different air conditioners they offered and what kinds of features they had. I would have been satisfied with any air conditioner, as long as it did the job, but I picked one that had the most energy efficiency so that I could stay cool while saving some money on my energy bills. While I did love my old air conditioner, it did use a lot of energy in the summer months, and I tried to avoid turning it on as much as possible. Some people might call me a penny pincher or a cheapskate, but I’m the one paying the energy bill, and I would rather save money than waste money.

After making the selection for the air conditioner, the company came to my home to take away the old air conditioner and put in the new one. I asked them what they would do with the old air conditioner, and they told me that it would be broken down and recycled, and I think that was a good end for it. Eventually it will become scrap and become part of a new air conditioner, so that it can keep someone else cool.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

During the times where the work load around the office can become more than one secretary to handle, I hire a secretary from the corporate secretarial services in Singapore. Some may think it’s weird to have more than one secretary working for them, but I find that things get done twice as fast around the office, and everyone works more efficiently as a result. In the holidays, and other times when we have to deal with a lot of customers, we need as many hands as we can get working for us. I’ve even gone as far as hiring temp workers in other departments.

The customer service department often faces a high load of people who have questions about the items we sell. Even though our website has a FAQ section that answers many of the questions that people want to know, somehow people still get confused about certain things and want to have a verbal confirmation from an actual person, rather than a line of text. My own parents are the same way and will go our of their way to make sure that they speak directly to someone. This is where the temp workers come in handy, because they can easily be trained to answer questions.

Shipping for items that the company sells has been going a bit slower lately due to worldwide events, so many people have been calling about that. The secretaries have been useful in getting the word out to customers about shipping delays and the customer service workers have gracefully answered customer questions. Hopefully shipping services can get back up to speed and deliveries will be sent out at their regular pace. For now, everyone is doing their part just as planned and even going the extra mile to make sure everyone is satisfied.

When 100 Birds Decided to Turn Our Yard into a Campground

I never thought that birds could be a problem in your yard. I was wrong. I’m not talking wrens or robins. Not even cardinals or blue jays. Even a few noisy crows or a flock of pesky pigeons would have been preferable. No, we had about 100 Canada geese. The first couple of days it was an interesting novelty. Then the droppings began to pile up. And I really do mean pile up. We had to call in Canada geese control in New Jersey to get the birds to choose another spot to roost. Their droppings were all over the place, and they are not small little spots. They are quite big.

The birds themselves are huge too. A house wren probably weighs in at a just a few ounces. A male Canada goose can be 14 pounds. Our dog is only 12 pounds! Four of the birds are as heavy as our oldest child, and there were over 100 birds in our yard. Continue reading When 100 Birds Decided to Turn Our Yard into a Campground

The Yard is a Real Mess This Morning

Of course the NWS was really telling everyone that there was going to be high winds and we got them. It was pretty scary at the house for a couple of hours. Something fell on the roof and the dogs went absolutely crazy because of it. That was a decent sized limb. In the morning I started looking for a Queens tree service to help me clean up the mess that was left behind. Normally I would have went and borrowed a chainsaw from Mary’s brother and told him to send one of his friends to collect the firewood. However this was a different story. If a tree is upon the ground it does not really pose much of a threat to me and I do not think twice about starting up a chainsaw and cutting it up. Obviously if it is standing upright and not threatening to fall on me, then I am going to leave it alone for the most part. However this tree was doing neither of those things. Continue reading The Yard is a Real Mess This Morning

An Unexpected Move to a Nice Apartment

The Pad on Harvard is where I live. If you would have asked me even two months ago if I thought it possible that I would live here, I would have laughed and quickly said no. I honestly thought that it was beyond my means, so I am really glad that I decided to look at the community website anyway one night when I was bored. There was all kinds of information there about the complex, and that is where I was able to see the prices of the different apartments too.

While the cost is a bit more than what I was paying at the time for my one bedroom unit, I knew that it was still affordable. I was actually surprised that the cost was as low as it was, because I just figured that such a nice apartment complex would net premium rental rates rather than the affordable rates that I saw on the website. Continue reading An Unexpected Move to a Nice Apartment

Vegas Asian Girls Can Make Your Trip Amazing

Are you planning to visit Las Vegas anytime in the near future? Have you been looking for great ways to occupy your time? You should think about looking for Vegas Asian girls who offer escort services. They will help you make the most of your trip in the most exciting way possible.

You have probably always wondered what it would be like to hire an escort. In addition, there may not be many Asian women in your area that have been willing to accommodate all of your wants and desires. The solution to this is to head west and allow Vegas Asian girls to show you some new and exciting things,

It can be a real bummer to be in Vegas with no plans, especially if you are traveling on business. You have to find something great to do on all of your downtime. Continue reading Vegas Asian Girls Can Make Your Trip Amazing

The Highs and Lows of Investment

More often than not, I’ve had bad luck with making investments. I tried my hand at the stock market once, but I lost a lot of money and decided to quit. Surprisingly, I’ve been having success since I learned how to bitcoin trade. I don’t feel as pressured to sell as I did with stocks. Whenever I buy some bitcoin, I usually hold on to it for a while. The market can rise and dip occasionally and while it may seem like a good idea to make a quick sell, I’ve noticed that if you just hold on a little longer, you can get a better profit.

My first bitcoin investment was only around $100 because I felt that this was a good place to start. Continue reading The Highs and Lows of Investment

Playing with a Winning Hand

I learned how to play poker in college and even used it to help pay my tuition at one point by winning games. After college, I learned about Parc Esta at https://www.foretec.com/parc-esta-condo-redefining-luxurious-living-in-singapore and moved there because I wanted to try living in a new country. There I met some people who also love to play poker, and every week we get together to play some games. We play for money, so everyone is trying their best not to lose. We’ve all worked on our poker faces so everyone else can’t figure out what kind of cards we’re holding.

At our last game at my condo, I was on quite a winning streak. My hands weren’t consistently good or bad, but I was able to play as if all of them were good. People sometimes say that the game is nothing but luck when it comes to the hands you’re going to get, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn a bad hand into a winning game. Continue reading Playing with a Winning Hand

Easy Access to a Sweet Treat

The mobile apps developer in Singapore made it easy for me to start my own candy delivery service. It all started one day when I was making special decorative chocolates. A friend of mine complimented me on how great they looked, and told me that they were good enough to be sold for profit. This gave me an idea, and I started doing some math to determine how much I would have to sell to generate a decent profit. I then contacted the developer to create an app that would let people place orders for my chocolates and see the status of their delivery.

Since I was going to be making and delivering chocolates on a much larger scale than what I was used to, I had to buy some supplies to speed up the process. I bought some extra candy molds and a larger pot to melt more chocolate. Continue reading Easy Access to a Sweet Treat

Great Prices for the Right Equipment

I know they say moving around when you join the military is fun and exciting, and in the beginning it was, but after a few years when you move into a new home the first thing you want to do is relax in front of your television and watch your favorite televisions shows or movies or sports, but depending where you are that may not be that easy. I did a Google search for iptv in Singapore to look for a good package for my media room setup. Yes, I have a media room; I figure it is best room in my home besides my bedroom. I love to have friends over and I love to watch sports and I wanted to find a package from a cable box that would have those games that I was looking for. I also like to keep up on my American television shows when I am not working in the field. Continue reading Great Prices for the Right Equipment

Life at New Futura is Better Than Expected

I have certain goals in my life. I don’t set unrealistic ones, and I rarely alter them once I have set them. There are times though when one needs changed because a better opportunity comes along, or a time sensitive one does. That is what happened when I first heard about the New Futura development that was coming to District 9. I honestly did not give it much thought because moving was not one of my more immediate goals. New developments are popping up all the time, so I knew that there would be another one coming by the time I was ready to move.

What I was not counting on was the New Futura condo development being as amazing as it is. I always had the mindset that if you have seen one new condo development in Singapore, then you have seen them all. Well, this one proved me wrong. A good friend of mine insisted that I look at the details for New Futura, and I was blown away with what I saw there. I looked at the actual condo layout first. Continue reading Life at New Futura is Better Than Expected

I Am Ready to Move out Soon

Of course it is an easy thing to find an apartment, but being able to afford it is another matter and I really need the security deposit back on the place. I have not really got the time to do a thorough job and I know that the landlord is going to find any excuse not to return the money. Everyone knows that, so I have to look at house cleaning prices and figure out whether or not I can afford it. Obviously the key is whether or not you get the security deposit back or not, since it really is a great investment if that is what it boils down to. In fact I already have all of my stuff packed, since the landlord is going to raise my rent when the lease is up. Continue reading I Am Ready to Move out Soon

Learning Physics Opens Up a Whole New Way of Understanding Our World

I had an extremely hard time when I was in school learning the sciences. I had zero interest in it. It all changed for me when one tutor showed me just how interested I really was in the sciences and just didn’t know it. I was extremely interested in plants. I was learning how to make plant hybrids on my own. The tutor showed me how genetics, chemistry, meteorology, math and more were part of my interests in plants. This is why when our granddaughter had trouble in physics that my wife and I got JC physics tuition for her to help boost her grades.

She actually liked the sciences too, but she had not made the connection of how understanding the fundamentals of each branch of science will hep her pursue her desire to develop advanced robotics. She was good at math, and she thought that was all she needed to know to move ahead in robotics. The tutoring showed her how physics spreads out among so many of the sciences from engineering to getting into space. Quantum dynamics requires a deep understanding of physics. Particle physics is another name that quantum dynamics is known by. I find it fascinating in how the macro world we observe and interact with breaks down at the quantum level.

It doesn’t really take a big brain to be able to grasp and build upon what is already known in quantum theories, it just takes knowledge of the fundamentals that have been established so far. The JC physics tuition that we provide for our granddaughter will help her become anything she wants to be. Knowledge is one thing you take with you into any field you decide to pursue. And the more you know the better equipped you are to excel and earn more money in your lifetime.

All News Relating to Trump

I enjoy reading the news. I focus mainly on local and regional news because that is where I am most likely going to be affected. That does not mean that I don’t take news at the state or national level just as seriously though. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is to read Trump news. I read it for two reasons. The first is because I want to know what my president is doing. He has the most power of any one individual in the world, so I think it is important to see what the news stories about him are.

Some of them are very informative, like what he wants to do as far as keeping the promises he made on the campaign trail. I consider those important because they are the reason why I voted for him. Continue reading All News Relating to Trump

CuraMed Medical and Aesthetic Clinic

Here at CuraMed Medical and Aesthetic Clinc we provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to patient care. We serve all patients from all different age ranges and want to not only improve your health but be able to restore your confidence as well. Our core value is our care and concern for you as our patient. Everything in our aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore, from our staff to the medical devices we use has been carefully chosen to ensure that our treatments are safe and reliable for you.

Dr. Kan Hun Yee is the director and founder of CuraMed Medical and Aesthetic Clinic. She finished her medical degree at the University of Southampton, UK and continued on so that she could expand her knowledge. Continue reading CuraMed Medical and Aesthetic Clinic

I Am Back on the Road Again

I spent about nine months working in a studio, the boss even put a music production diploma on the wall of my office. Of course that is a farce in my opinion, because I do not think I have ever seen a school where they offered such a degree. The boss must have gotten it off of the web and he really thought that it was important. In fact that is not important at all to me, since I just work in the engineering of recordings and that is not something that you really have to have much of an education to do. You really need to have the aptitude for it and you have to understand the tech that is being used, then you have to know the artist and try to see through their ears. That makes no sense, but you are working for someone who is making a personal statement and your job is to be a vessel for that statement. Continue reading I Am Back on the Road Again

The Job is Nearly Done

We have been over here in Singapore for nearly a year. I came over when they started to work on the site survey, the project is called the New Futura condo in Singapore and it is really just another high rise condo project for me. We have been working about 18 hours per day lately. In fact we sort of borrowed one of the unfinished units and four of us have been camping out in it. The shower works and we got a TV in it. The idea is for us to press on seven days a week because we really want to go home on schedule. We plan on leaving three days before Christmas, but that is sort of a dicey proposition at this point. We have to get finished first and we are not going to make it home if we do not. Of course I want to get back before my girlfriend finds a new guy. Continue reading The Job is Nearly Done

3 Benefits of SEO in Philippines

Success is earned through perseverance and hard work. As technology simplifies and changes the way that we do things, the Internet becomes a valuable tool for any business owner seeking success. More than half of all consumers use the Internet to find the products, services, and companies they’ll use; will your name be there for these people to find? If SEO in Philippines is if implemented into your marketing plan, your name will be among the choices.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of making your websites, social media pages, blog, etc. visible to a large audience by ranking your link within the first page or two of the search engine rresults. Statistics show that 75% of all internet browsers wont look past the second page for their rresults. If your site isn’t there, you’re missing out. SEO changes that, helping you get where you want and need to be. But, that’s only the entry point of exciting benefits that you can enjoy. Continue reading 3 Benefits of SEO in Philippines

Less Work for Me to Deal with

Looking for someone to help me with spring cleaning this year, I went online and did an internet search for spring cleaning in Singapore . My husband and I moved to Singapore last year, when my company decided to go global. I have always wanted to travel more and taking this assignment would be a perfect fit for that. I even bought a program to help me learn the language. I knew I wasn’t going to be a fluent speaker, but it would at least help me get around until I knew where I needed to go. I love to shop and knowing some of the language would help me bargain for the best price for almost everything. It would also help when I met some of our new employees too, making them feel at home being able to speak their native language.

Your website was so easy to find online. You were one of the first websites that came up when I did a search for the cleaning services. Continue reading Less Work for Me to Deal with

A New Participant in the Tradition

For me, getting a manicure and pedicure in Singapore is a mother and daughter experience. I remember when my mother took me to get my first manicure and pedicure. I was only a teenager in high school. My mother had been getting them for years with her mother, and it was time for me to get in on the tradition. We would sit in the spa, talking about everything while the workers attended to our hands and feet. Many years later, I have my own daughter, but she’s not old enough to join the experience.

At our last manicure and pedicure session, my mother and I thought it would be funny to get my dad into the spa. He has typical man nails, where he simply cuts them with the finger and toe nail clippers and does nothing else. Continue reading A New Participant in the Tradition